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Priore Agropartes
Priore Mecanizado CNC A catalog constantly updated
to offer you better service.

We're continually adding replacement parts for Agrometal, Crucianelli and Bertini seeders.

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Priore Mecanizado CNC Special replacement parts
We develop custom parts, using CAD
drawings or files with CNC technology.

We do the necessary machining, heat treatment, painting, and other processes necessary to ensure the quality of your replacement part.
Cover plates for CASE, Don Roque, John Deere, and Vassalli harvesters. Exchange parts
for Crucianelli Pionera seeders

Fabricated inhigh molecular weight polyethelene.

Highly resistant to wear caused by friction.

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We've developed a new system of repair and exchange for the press wheel arms of the Crucianelli Pionera seeder.

Send in your parts and we will exchange them for our exclusive system which lengthens the useful life of that part. Contact us for further details.
Repuestos BertiniNew line of Bertini seeder
replacement parts.

Repuestos BertiniDepth control wheel arm
for Agrometal seeders.

We've incorporated in our catalog replacement parts for the known Bertini seeders, including maces, bushings, shafts, and other products.

Learn more about this new line or contact us concerning the replacement part you need.
Cubrepatines cosechadoras We've released this new replacement part for the TX of the Agrometal line of seeders.

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Priore Agropartes Nationwide delivery
Whether for large or small orders, we always offer the best possible delivery solution to most effectively meet your needs.

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